World Cup 2019

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World Cup Netballs

The pinnacle of the international calendar is the Netball World Cup which takes place every four years. Always the year after the Commonwealth Games.

This year the UK hosted the Netball World Cup in Liverpool at the M&S Bank Arena.

The official netball for the competition will be the Gilbert Synergie X5 Match Netball which leads a range of Gilbert Netballs designed uniquely for the world cup.

The Synergie X5 leads the way as far as match netballs go and is also the market leader. Also in the range are the Replica netball - so you've all the graphics of the top of the range netball - but at a great price as a souvenir. The Netball World Cup supporter netball is a funky design for those that love more colour!

The Netball World Cup Mini netball is an ideal souvenir for any fan young or old.

The commemorative design which was used by the 16 competing countries, incorporates four colours in its design reflecting the four foundation pillars of the Netball World Cup. Pink representing elite sport, yellow representing empowering women and girls, purple representing one incredible destination, and blue representing welcoming the world.

You can choose a netball for every level in this range, let's celebrate the Netball World Cup being in the UK for the first time since 1995 and ensure you get your piece of netball history from Netball UK.