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Do any of the following apply to you?

Do any of the following apply to you?

> I wear running shoes to play netball because they have the most cushioning, right?

> I do buy a netball brand like ASICS but choose the cheapest runners, they'll do the same job won't they?

> I buy any fashion trainer from my local sports store because they look great, I only play once or twice a week.

> I buy a brand like Adidas or Nike because they are well known and credible, they must be good because they're expensive.

> I don't buy netball trainers because they are too heavy

These are common misconceptions. If you're doing any of them, you're putting yourself at a higher risk of injury.

But, don't worry, you're not alone. A lot of netballers don’t know this and this is why we are here to help you.

Netball UK are the netball experts, with 19 years of experience, we are all netball players here on hand to advise you.

So let's put these misconceptions straight:

> Running trainers have different levels of cushioning, but too much 'spongy' cushioning makes your foot unstable inside the shoe, especially when you're jumping and landing. Netball trainers have the required amount of cushioning combined with stability, to keep your foot in a stable position when jumping and landing.

> ASICS runners - let's get this straight they are for running in a straight line and have NO SUPPORT for changing direction. Crucially, they do not have the midsole support and structure that ASICS and other netball trainers have.

> It doesn't matter whether you play once a week or seven times a week. Whenever you're out on court it can be an injury risk and wearing fashion trainers can massively increase your risk of injury. They have no cushioning, no support and often not a very good grip.

> Don't be fooled, Adidas and Nike don't manufacture netball shoes. If they did we would sell them - obviously after some trying and testing. Some retailers rebrand Adidas and Nike trainers as 'netball' trainers. But is this the kind of retailer you would trust? Only ASICS, Mizuno and Gilbert currently range netball trainers and put the necessary research, development and testing into their products. This is why we trust them.

> Maybe when netball trainers were first introduced you could say they were heavier than an average trainer. However, advances in development now mean that netball trainers are manufactured from the latest materials that are also as light as the majority of running shoes.

So look after yourself and your body, which you put on the line every time you step out on a netball court.

Here's how we help you:

> We try and test the netball trainers we range and have a lot of fun in the process.

> We are all netball players here and also test for size as we range from size 5 through to size 10 (yes she's the tall goal keeper!)

> We give you 'our opinion' on every netball trainer as we try and test everything we sell.

> We help you with educational videos with tips from the professionals.

> We offer the best prices online which we monitor every day.

> We hold the most stock of netball trainers in the UK, so there's a fantastic choice available to you.

> All orders placed before 3pm are sent out the same day to ensure you get your new netball trainers as soon as possible