What is the chosen trainer brand of Superleague players?

What is the chosen trainer brand of Superleague players?

The answer may surprise you.

All new kits and trainers were on show at the superb Super 10 event live on Sky Sports as the The Vitality Netball Superleague started with a bang.

What was interesting was the shoes the players chose to wear. There’s been a significant step change this season and here’s the breakdown for you:

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Almost 93% of netballers wear netball specific shoes

So firstly almost 93% wear netball specific shoes, showing that the top-level netballers are ensuring they have the best equipment for their game.

Netball shoes are not just about the required protection but more importantly how much more efficient you become on court. (Only Mizuno ASICS & Gilbert are netball specific trainers).

Secondly, Mizuno have overtaken ASICS in the number one spot. They’ve really invested in netball and more importantly into educating netballers in what is best for their feet.

REVEALED: The top two shoes worn at Super 10

Drilling into these stats further we can reveal the top two netball shoes worn at Super 10.

1. The Mizuno Wave Stealth V Netball Trainers

2. The ASICS Professional FF Netball Trainers

On the left below is Manchester Thunder centre and Northern Ireland captain Caroline O'Hanlon who wears the ASICS Professional FF.

"I love these new ASICS Pro FF trainers! They look great and feel great. These are the first trainers I’ve worn with the comfort of a running shoe and security of netball trainer. The grip allows confidence to push off and change direction quickly. Like most netballers, I’ve had a number of lower limb injuries over the years, but this shoe provides structure and stability without feeling bulky. Love them!"

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What our office manager, Kerry Almond has to say...

On the right above is Manchester Thunder's dynamic defender (and Netball UK's office manager) Kerry Almond.

The Sky Sports player of the match on Saturday wears the Mizuno Wave Stealth netball trainers and this is what she thinks about them:

"The Stealth V is by far the best netball shoe I’ve found. It’s incredibly stable underfoot whilst still being flexible enough on the sole to work with the quick change of direction that’s essential. For a sturdier shoe that’s designed to protect and support it’s very lightweight and breathable due to the mesh upper. The grip is also amazing. Probably the best I’ve come across in my time! And it looks good too."

"In short, supportive, responsive, durable, lightweight and stylish. What more could you want from a netball trainer?"

So there you have it, the best two netball trainers as voted for 'with their feet' by the country's top players.