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My Go To Trainers

My Go To Trainers

My Fear of Injury Read below

My Fear of Injury Read below

The kit I play in

The kit I play in

Blog 1: Find out which netball trainers help me get more interceptions >>>

Finding a pair of netball trainers has always been a challenge for me, I'm very particular about how they look with my ankle supports and my club colours. I also get lots of pain in the balls of my feet when playing a long, hard game. I therefore need to have a good pair of netball trainers that allow me to change direction quickly and support me whilst defending for long periods of time at high intensity.

I personally found that the Mizuno Wave Stealth V Cool Blue do that exact job! Since switching to these Mizuno netball trainers, I have found that I can move more dynamically on court which means I get lots of interceptions! These netball trainers also offer so much comfort to the soles of my feet from their cushioned interior that I feel no pain when playing. Switching to this trainer has changed the game for me.

Blog 2: What my fear of injury led me to do >>>

Fear of injury and time out of netball led me to invest in ankle braces which I've been wearing now for five years.

From a young age playing netball has brought me many opportunities, travelling to Australia, meeting international athletes and meeting my best friends. However, it's also brought me pain and setbacks, it's not a secret that I am clumsy and often fall during games and training! So a few years ago, I would often be injured and miss netball for 2 or 3 weeks with sprained and swollen ankles stopping me from playing the sport I love.

If it wasn't for the Mueller ATF Ankle Braces, I would still be in that position now. I've not had a serious ankle injury since. They offer great support on my ankles that gives me the confidence to play without fear of injury.

Blog 3: The kit I love to wear >>>

I began playing for Oldham Netball Club when I was just 13 years old. The first match kit I had to wear was a red skort and blue top, similar to what the junior kit looks like now. When I was a junior, I was slightly chubbier and a lot taller than the rest of my squad and I was really concerned that the kit wouldn't fit me right or look silly on me.

I visited NetballUK and tried my new Gilbert kit on in the store and I found that it was surprisingly really comfortable, I was able to move freely and even stretch my arms up without my top rising (essential when playing netball). I fitted right into my team and we looked super smart and serious when we all arrived to games looking the same.

Even now seven years later I'm still playing for Oldham, I'm still chubby, and I still look great in my Oldham kit!

About Susie Armstrong

Hi, my name is Susie Armstrong. I live and study in Nottingham at Nottingham Trent University and I am currently in my second year studying Sports Science and Management. I really enjoy university and the course I am doing, and I definitely think that moving away from home and growing my independence was the right choice for me.

As part of my degree I have to do a 72-hour placement and this week I have come along to Netball UK to find out more about the business. I shop at Netball UK for all my netball essentials, so this week it's been really interesting and exciting to see what happens behind the scenes.

Alongside my studies I have a busy netball schedule, competing in three different teams. I play for Nottingham Trent's first team, Manchester Thunder U21's and Oldham Premier League Division One squad. With Oldham we've just won the league, so it has been a great season!