New netball rules – have you got to grips with them?

For most of us the netball season is now well underway, whether you are playing local/regional league or the new Mizuno Premier League.

So how are you doing with the new rules so far?

I was coaching at my first league game of the season on Sunday and I have to say on the whole I found the new rules a success.

Probably the only one we had to really think about was the injury stoppage. A player on the opposition called time for injury but I am not sure whether they realised they would have to go off or not. At that point, with it being such a quick change over (30 seconds) I wasn’t quick enough to make our own change.

It’s a lesson learned though, I will be ready next time!

The new ‘setting penalty’ rule is so much better where you don’t have to wait for the offender to stand by your side. It really speeds the game up and certainly stopped any time-wasting.

To help, you can pick up a new copy of the official netball rule book click here…

Here are some helpful tips on the new rule changes, new-rules-whats-changed

Comment below with your experiences of the new rules whether you are an umpire, player, coach or even a keen netball fan…

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