Why I am a Mizuno Netball Trainer convert – Kerry Almond

I’ve always been an ASICS girl when it comes to netball shoes, ever since I joined a netball club nearly 19 years ago. Until now.

Over the summer months I made the switch from the ASICS Gel Netburner Super 6 to the Mizuno Wave Phantom trainers, and I haven’t looked back.

For me, stability in a netball trainer is key, having been through major ankle surgery and more than a few minor injuries in my time, I need a lot of support and underfoot stability in a netball trainer. And the Wave Phantom doesn’t disappoint.

When you first put them on they do feel harder underfoot than an ASICS trainer, but this is down to the way that Mizuno cushion their shoes. ASICS tend to use a thick GEL cushion in the shoes which raises you up higher and means your feet are further from the floor, whereas Mizuno use WAVE technology for the cushioning and this brings you closer to the ground. This, for me, leads to greater stability underfoot as there is less of a high platform for rolling the ankle. Which, when you have glass ankles like I do, is a huge selling point, and also one that builds confidence in being able to play and not worry when the next roll is coming!

I’d go so far as to say that out of all the netball trainers I’ve worn through the years, the Mizuno Wave Phantom is the most stable I’ve ever come across.

Another feature I love about the Phantom is the grip which is far better than any shoe I’ve worn in recent years. The sole warms up as you move in them and ends up slightly tacky. This means that they grip the floor better and means that I can push off a lot faster on a change of direction than if I was wearing a shoe with less grip. And when you’re like me (older and slower than some of my teammates) any advantage you can gain is welcome!


A lot of people have asked about the fit of the shoes recently, and for me, the fit seems to compare to ASICS in most ways. Although, I feel like there is a little more room around the toes, but this hasn’t affected the fit for me.

All in all, the Mizuno Wave Phantom is a great shoe, with good cushioning and fantastic stability, and is at a great price point too. I highly recommended the Phantom, it will definitely be my shoe of choice for the upcoming Superleague season.

Kerry Almond

Manchester Thunder

& Netball UK Office Manager


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  • Tracy Watt says:

    Thanks for this Kerry I like you have been an assics wearer and wasn’t sure about mizuno though I have worn them as a runner a few years ago . Your comment about being an older player made me laugh as well with walking netball now your still a spring chicken , I turned 50 this year and still play regional 1 netball and no how important a good supportive trainer is to keep the foot stable when changing direction , I have found the asics grip slightly slippy on some surfaces think I might give Mizuno a try .

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