Why the Mirage is not an illusion – Gabby Marshall

Why the Mirage is not an illusion – by Gabby Marshall

With my club side Manchester Thunder and England Netball partnering with Mizuno, the opportunity arose to try out their range of netball shoes. I have always worn netball specific shoes as opposed to running shoes as I know the importance of grip, support and change of direction – all crucial components to my position in the middle of the court.

Mizuno-mirageLike most players I have historically worn Asics shoes so was intrigued as to what Mizuno had to offer. I initially tried the Wave Phantom, a very stable shoe favoured by some of my team mates playing in and around the circle. It’s a great shoe but I needed something more dynamic to suit my game. That’s when I picked up the Wave Mirage. The first thing that struck me was the weight – how could a netball shoe be this light? It made me question whether a shoe of this weight could also provide support.


Within a few minutes of my first training session I knew I had found a shoe that suited my game. It’s low, flat base did indeed provide the stability I was seeking. It’s outsole grooves allowed me to pivot and move instantly and the grip got better and better as the sole warmed up and interacted with the court surface. As with any change of equipment however I knew I needed more time for testing – could I definitely adapt from a shoe with a soft feel and running DNA to the firmer, more responsive Mizuno Wave Mirage?

The answer was a resounding “yes”. After a few sessions I could really sense how much the shoe was benefitting my game – I felt more efficient as the superior flexibility and grip meant I worked less to stop and turn. In sport it’s important to seek every advantage possible and I know that in the Wave Mirage I have found the shoe that gives me an extra edge.

Gabby Marshall. Manchester Thunder, Oldham, England & Mizuno All Star.



  • tracy Watt says:

    Totally agree Gabby. Changed to this shoe and found it very responsive indoors need to try it outside not sure if the sole will warm up as well on an outside court.

  • Debbie Hallas says:

    Hi Tracy
    Pleased to hear these are working for you indoors, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how they grip outdoors too. The outsoles on Mizuno netball shoes are made of a composite of two types of rubber, gum rubber and carbon rubber. Gum grips best on wooden floors and carbon grips best on concrete and plexicushion (the blue synthetic surface).

    So we believe you’ll get the best of both worlds, even in there is a bit of moisture on an outdoor court.

    Debbie Hallas
    Netball UK

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