Did you know that 44%* of women who exercise regularly don’t wear a sports bra?

In my opinion that’s insane, in a world where women invest in their looks with botox and fillers yet they’d allow their breasts to experience irreparable damage. This is an easy and very cost-effective win.

Your breasts can bounce upto 14cm** when unsupported during exercise? That equates to 40mm of average movement away from the body for someone size 34A. This can lead to breast sag. Plus let’s face it once you are 30+ and have had children, we don’t need to give our breasts any help in heading south!

Once the elasticity in your breasts has gone and the damage done, there is no going back! So, let’s discuss what sports bra should you wear?

Research has proved that Shock Absorber sports bras are twice as effective at reducing breast movement as a normal bra.

Look at this image that shows the reduced movement while wearing a Shock Absorber Sports Bra >>

It’s absolute common sense, don’t leave it too late and invest in your breasts. Here are the two new colours from Shock Absorber, give them a go or refresh your current sports bra >>

* GFK U&A 2012

** University of Portsmouth 2005 (Scurr et al)

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