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My Lockdown Life – by Debbie Hallas

Lockdown for me certainly hasn’t been boring! It has probably been one of the most challenging years of my life. Normally, my work schedule follows an annual pattern around the netball season and we look forward to the releases of new ranges – particularly new netball trainers or Nike kit. However, the pandemic has brought […]

Lockdown Life – Natalie Dawson

Hi everyone, by now I think everyone is feeling the same – fed up, bored and unmotivated! And that’s exactly how I felt when the government announced the third national lockdown a few weeks ago. In the first lockdown we had lovely weather and me and my sister would stick a YouTube workout video on and […]

My Lockdown Life – by Rachel Moss

Hey everyone. So, today is day whatever of Lockdown! How’s it going for you? For me, the past week has been particularly hard as I continue to have two girls at home – one age 7 and another age 4. With home schooling and keeping my kids entertained, I am trying not to lose my mind. I’m […]

My Lockdown Life – by Kerry Almond

So, lockdown – again. By now, I’d like to think that I’ve gotten pretty good at this keeping fit thing whilst not being able to access a gym. But this one feels a lot harder. My feeling is that it’s down to the fact that during lockdown one in England it was spring and then summer, and […]