Bags, Sacks & Packs

Bags, Sacks & Packs

Essential for carrying your netballs around is having a adequate ball bag, ball sack or ball tube to help you. Every netball coach or team manager needs one to easily transport from session to session and for easily storing in your car and at home.

With the Gilbert Ball Bags you can choose from three colours, helpful if you're wanting to match in with your club colours. They can fit up to 12 netballs. The Gilbert Ball tube is more suited to matchdays or smaller training sessions. They fit 5 netballs per tube and again you can choose from black, royal or red.

In the Mitre range you can choose from a regular value ball sack or the mesh version which will help the ventilation around your netballs.

For individual needs, all netballers need a kitbag for training and games and the Gilbert Club Player Holdalls are purposely made for netball.

Totally on trend is the England Roses Backpack, a versatile bag you can use for training and matches, for school or nipping down to the gym. Everyone loves the Nike tick, wear yours with pride.