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Crazy Catch

If you want to be the best netballer you can be, you need to be training with the best equipment, like the world's bestselling rebound net, the Crazy Catch. 
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Crazy Catch
The Crazy Catch rebound nets are an innovative invention that has changed netball training routines since 2014. Not only does it add something different to your group netball training sessions but it enables netballers to train individually.

Mavericks and England star, Sasha Corbin, is a great advocate of the Crazy Catch, as highlighted with her solo sessions. Sasha comes up with many ideas to help you train and get the best out of your Crazy Catch. She also is more than ably assisted by England team mate, the gold medal-winning Serena Guthrie, who stars for Giants Netball in the Australian Suncorp League.

There's a Crazy Catch for everyone. The Freestyle is a handheld version that is easy to carry and transport. The Upstart is the smallest of the freestanding units, if you want a bigger surface area then the Wildchild is the one for you. Or the big daddy of the Crazy Catch units - the Professional DT - is the most adaptable of all as you can use it vertical or horizontal and really test out different netball skills and drills.

Remember, the double trouble versions are the ones to use for netball - and these are the only version we sell as we are the only netball specific retailer in the UK! The double trouble gives you a same side and best of all - the insane side! Up your netball game now!


“The Crazy Catch is an innovative invention that has transformed training routines in Netball. Not only does it add something different to your group but it enables netball players to train individually whether and whenever they want.” – Debbie Hallas (Manchester Thunder and Netball UK)

“I love that you can use the Crazy Catch at any time anywhere to help improve your fundamental Netball skills. You can also get very creative and challenge yourself whilst having lots of fun along the way. A brilliant way to help improve your Netball game!” – Julie Corletto (Aussie Diamond Netball Player)

“The Crazy Catch is wicked. I absolutely love playing with it just because you can do so much with it and be so creative”. You can take a ball on extension, you can practice your catching, your throwing, your jumping, your turning – you can do absolutely anything you want!” – Sasha Corbin (England Roses, Saracen Mavericks, Solo Sessions)

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