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Netball Rings & Nets

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Netball Rings & Nets
A netball ring is an easy way to practice shooting whether that's at home or at your local sports centre.

There are two choices of netball ring, a wall-mounted or there's one takeaway version if you need it to be taken down off the wall at any point. Or of course if you need replacement netball rings for your posts we can supply for you.

The main brands we know and trust are Gilbert, Harrod UK, Sure Shot and or course our very own Netball UK option.

Each netball ring comes with a net so you will be ready to go once you put it up, don't forget to get yourself a netball at the same time to start your practicing.

Remember all the products we sell are of a good quality and from a reputable manufacturer. You can find all sorts of cheap items around the internet but always ensure you buy from a netball shop with a good reputation. Netball UK is the UK's leading netball store.