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The first item ever sold at Netball UK was a netball post, a necessity in netball, we couldn't exactly play without them.

When it comes to purchasing a netball post it's not that easy, with more and more available on the internet. Although, some can be inferior products so we recommend you buy from a reputable, trustworthy retailer.

At Netball UK we only select quality goods to sell and we give our honest opinion on every netball post to help you.

For junior school age you will need a post that can be set to nine feet (2.74m). For ages 12 and above, the full regulation height is 10 feet (3.05m). Most of the netball posts we sell adjust to three heights to cater for all.

We have tried, tested and constructed all the netball posts we sell and are confident in the brands: Serena Guthrie, NUK, Harrods, Lifetime, NET1, Gilbert and Sure Shot.

In 2018 we were thrilled to announce the band new Serena Guthrie netball range including a netball post - exclusive to Netball UK. An excellent netball post and ideal present or gift for any netballer. It has become our best-selling netball post by some!

Exclusive to Netball UK is the NET1 Pink Netball Post, which sets itself apart from from the usual black netball posts. If you want a point of different got for this one.

Netball UK supplies netball posts for homes, schools, sports centres right through to international netball events. From Freestanding netball posts to socketed netball posts.

Remember we are the netball experts and can advise you on what post to buy at any level.