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Netball Bibs & Patches

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Netball Bibs & Patches
The one essential for netball other than a ball is netball bibs or netball patches. Whether you're training or playing you need a set or two to play a game, and Netball UK has you covered.

A set of netball patches is a must if you have playing kit which features Velcro or hook and loop. You don't want to be ruining the sleek look of your dress with a set of pull on overhead bibs. We stock the full range of colours in the Gilbert Netball Patches, so whatever colour your kit we'll have something to suit, from black and white to royal and red and everything in between.

For training, or playing, we have Gilbert and Mitre standard netball bibs or, if you need a second colour but don't fancy carrying two sets around, we have the Gilbert and Mitre Reversible Netball Bibs. The Gilbert Standard Netball Bibs come in 3 sizes; small, medium and large; and 9 colours. The Mitre Pro Netball Bibs come in medium and large and 6 colour options. So there's plenty of choice for all netball teams, clubs and schools. The reversible bibs have less colour choice, but with 2 differently coloured sides it doesn't matter.

Netball UK also stocks the Gilbert High 5 Netball bibs, for those youngsters that play High 5, as endorsed by netball's governing body England Netball. These sets feature all 5 court positions required for High 5 plus bibs for the Centre Pass Marker, Scorer and Timer. And there's 10 different colour choices too, so again, plenty of choices for teams to match to kits or to stand out from the crowd.