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Gilbert Control-A-Balls
Gilbert Control-A-Balls

Gilbert Control-A-Balls


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Why We Love Them

Gilbert Control-A-Balls

The Gilbert Control-A-Balls are a set of five balls to improve passing and catching. Each ball behaves differently to challenge the user during training.


Match Ball: Standard weight
and grip pattern of the Spectra Ball

Heavy Ball: Approximately 650g
the player must adapt to make accurate passes

Light Ball: Approximately 300g
the player must adapt to make accurate passes

Gripless Ball: Standard Spectra weight
but this ball is smooth, so in different conditions it can be very grippy or incredibly slippery

Unstable Ball: Weighs 400g
and then the user adds 280g of water. Within the pack there is a pump that allows water to be added to the inner bladder. This makes the ball completely unstable as the water moves within it

Available in sizes 5 only

Available in Fluoro Pink only