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Netball Trainers

Here at Netball UK we have been supplying netballers with the best netball shoes from the best brands for over 20 years. We have helped ASICS, Mizuno and Gilbert develop netball trainers from the time netball shoes were brought into the UK. You could say that we are experts when it comes to netball shoes. We are probably a little obsessed with them.

Netball UK brings you exclusive netball shoes, we invest in extra lines to ensure you can choose the styles and colours you love and look great out on court.

Netball shoes are designed to protect your feet from the particular stresses and strains encountered when playing or training for netball. They are also designed to give you more traction and grip on the various surfaces that netball is played on to increase your ability to play the best that you can.

Injuries are a risk in all sports and netball is no different, wearing the correct netball trainers is not a guarantee that you won't pick up an injury, but they will certainly help to prevent many injuries that wearing flimsy running or fashion trainers may not.

Not only do Netball shoes help to protect your knees and ankles from the wear and tear by providing cushioning and shock dissipation, they also give you the edge in performance. Netball shoes are designed to aid your change of direction, they stop your foot splaying out of the side of the trainer (which is what happens with running/fashion trainers) and keep your frame aligned to give you maximum efficiency and stop your body overcompensating.

In 2020 Nike entered the market of netball trainers aligning their indoor court shoes which work well with the lateral movements of netball.

We stock the largest selection of netball trainers in the UK at very competitive prices, with free speedy delivery on orders over £50.