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The Serena Guthrie Range

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The Serena Guthrie Netball Range

The Serena Guthrie Netball Range has been developed by the England Netball Roses player as part of her Legacy Netball project. This exciting range is exclusively available at Netball UK.

Serena has a great, fun personality and this comes out in her range.

Serena Says: "This netball range represents me and I am excited to be able to share it with you at Netball UK."

"The ball design is a mandala-based idea linking to the spiritual side of me. A lot of you won't know about the free spirit, soulful and playful side to me and the designs are my way of expressing that. I've loved being personally involved in the ball design and I hope everyone loves them as much as me!"

"I'm not a shooter (though I wish I was!) but having a netball post or hoop in your garden is a must for any netballer. It's a great training aid for any budding shooter."

"These products are just the start - hopefully it's just the beginning, I have lots more ideas and designs so keep an eye out."

Serena is world class centre court player and was instrumental in guiding the England Roses to winning the netball gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia. The former Giants netball player has now signed for Team Bath after settling back in the UK and no doubt will be tearing the Vitality Netball Superleague apart this season.

Her range is put together professionally and you can see with the packaging a lot of thought has gone into this to make it a range like no other available in netball.

The netball post comes in a stylish box and Serena's signature and branding on the base, to give you something to aspire to while doing your shooting practice.

The netball ring also comes in a Serena-styled pack while the training netball brings out Serena's personality. Any netballer, shooter or not would love to receive one of these as a present or gift.