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Comfort and injury prevention is key for Kerry's Momentum

About a year ago I wrote a blog about the new Mizuno Wave Momentum netball trainers, and how they felt after wearing them for only a few sessions. And now I’m back with an update. I said back then that this trainer was on the verge of taking the title of my favourite netball trainer away from the Stealth V, and they actually have stolen that title. The Momentum was my shoe of choice for the last season with my club side, Oldham. Initially I wore the blue version (which matched my kit) and then part way through the season, I had the Nimbus Cloud (white) pair, when they were released around Christmas. The Momentum worked perfectly with my ankles braces and really helped to stabilise my ankles alongside the braces, saving me from any ankle injuries this last season. They have a feature on the sole called an outrigger, which is essentially a stabiliser on the outside of the sole which gives enhanced lateral stability. So, full marks to this technology, as anyone who has played with me can testify to the fact that it’s not a normal season if I don’t have an ankle issue at some point! No matter how often I wore them or at what intensity, the Momentum never lost any comfort at all, which is a little unusual for a netball trainer. After time, the midsoles and cushioning in them tend to wear down which is when you know to replace them, but these really stood the test of a Premier League season. I’ve worn plenty of shoes over my years of playing Superleague and Premier League netball and it’s very unusual that a pair would make it through 3-4 months let alone 6. For me, the Momentum really is the perfect netball trainer. It fits well, it’s highly supportive everywhere on your foot and ankle, and it’s soft under foot without being unstable. Mizuno really have the blend of comfort and performance down with this style and it’s not hard to see why it’s their top of the range shoe and one of the most worn trainers in the Vitality Netball Superleague. There really is a reason that the top players in the country are wearing this shoe. And now it’s back with a colour update. This season’s hot colour is Living Coral. This has been a very popular colour for Mizuno over the years with a fair number of their shoes being made in this vibrant colour. And now it’s the turn of the Momentum. Sure, it won’t be everyone’s thing, but for netball trainers you should really be picking on performance and what it does for you, rather than what it looks like. And this is one that I really do feel everyone should try. We took the Momentum to the Vitality Netball Nations Cup series way back in January and this was loved by nearly everyone who tried it on. Some people tried it just because they could, it was there, and they went away with a pair because they are just so comfortable. And that’s what I hope and think you’ll feel like if you give this one a go. It is a brilliant shoe, with so much technology in it, so much comfort and stability. You will not be disappointed. I know what I’ll be wearing whenever we’re back on a netball court.         Kerry Almond Former England & Manchester Thunder Player Netball UK's Sales & Purchasing Manager

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