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My Lockdown Life - by Kerry Almond

So, lockdown - again. By now, I’d like to think that I’ve gotten pretty good at this keeping fit thing whilst not being able to access a gym. But this one feels a lot harder. My feeling is that it’s down to the fact that during lockdown one in England it was spring and then summer, and we had glorious sunshine to explore our local surroundings. And then lockdown 2 was pretty ok too. A bit damp but nothing too bad. This one? It’s freezing. It’s icy, it’s slippy, it’s doesn’t get light until later in the morning and gets dark a lot earlier in the afternoon. But, I’ve done ok. I’ve been keeping fit with Zoom sessions run by the gym I go to. Matt Hoyle, our trainer, has been great. We’ve been loaned equipment, much like a lot of gyms, and he makes it a good session, fun and testing, and a great group just keeping each other going digitally through the mountain of burpees! My main worry is making sure that I don’t whack the living room ceiling with a dumbbell at 6.30am! Some days I’m successful. Others not so much. Walking is my other way of keeping fit. 2020 was the year I discovered that I actually really like it. It’s low impact, which is great when you’ve got very dodgy knees like I have and you can’t (don’t want to) run outside, and it’s easy to do. Stick some trainers or walking boots on and a waterproof coat and head out of your door. I’m incredibly lucky in that I live on the doorstep of the Pennine Hills, so I have access to some amazing scenery and routes that wind over the backbone of Britain just a short walk from my front door. A few miles in the hills gives you a pretty good workout. I’ve also tackled some cycling with Netball UK head honcho and Manchester Thunder managing director Debbie Hallas, and former Thunder coach Suzy Ashworth. We’ve attacked the local canals and coffee shops (when allowed - so not this lockdown sadly) and had a blast doing it. Punctures, long dark tunnels and dodgy bells included! Of course, netball has continued - for most of us it's been training at home or in the garden (and make sure you check out everything you need to #KeepNetballing at Netball UK) but elite sport is allowed to continue, even in this lockdown, so for the last few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to be present at Thunder’s friendly games. First I was in charge of the team Twitter account as we took on Sirens, then last weekend I made my commentary debut as we took on London Pulse in a game that was live streamed! It was pretty much learn as you go but I really enjoyed it. I spend my days talking about netball with my office mates so there’s not too many better ways to spend a lockdown Saturday than to sit and talk all things netball with Debbie. The plus side is that I get watch my old teammates run around and see where they’re up to ahead of the 2021 season, and maybe scope out the opposition too! We had heaps of fun and the feedback was pretty good too! We’ve already got one topic ahead of another live streamed match this weekend, but if you’ve got any burning questions or topics you want discussed, let us know via @debbiehallas or @kerryalmond on Twitter! And please join us on Saturday - you'll get all the details on the @thundernetball twitter feed. I'd love to know how you're keeping fit and managing to #KeepNetballing - please drop us a line at Netball UK on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Take care and keep safe. Kerry Almond Netball UK Sales & Purchasing Manager

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