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Does this apply to your sports bra?

Does this apply to your sports bra? 
  1. You're noticing more movement as you're exercising
  1. You can't read the care label anymore
  1. Your workouts are working and it suddenly seems too big
  1. It's pilling or otherwise quite worn
If so, it could be time to invest in a new one. Did you know that on average the support in a sports bras only lasts for 6-12 months? I was quite surprised when I learnt this, as I had had some of my sports bras for at least a couple of years. Along with our staff, I like to be well educated in all of the products that we sell, firstly to ensure we are selling the right products for netball and secondly so we can pass on important messages to you. First of all, advice that will help you know when is the right time to replace your sports bra plus some helpful tips that could prolong the life of your sports bra. I have found a good rule of thumb to go by is if you wear your sports bra twice a week and wash it once a week you should definitely replace it on its anniversary. best-sports-bra Tip 1: Ideally, sports bras should be hand washed and hung to dry. But if you must place yours in the washing machine, it's best to put it in a lingerie bag; hooks and rough fabrics from other clothing can damage sports bras during the washing process, making them less supportive. Tip 2: Avoid throwing your sports bra in the dryer when you can since dryers makes lycra less stretchy. Tip 3: Avoid using fabric softener. Using a fabric softener is a highly effective way to improve the feel of your washing, but unfortunately when it comes to technical fabrics they are also particularly damaging. Such softeners line your garments with wax like chemicals that will damage the materials ability to both breathe and wick moisture from the skin. Tip 4: Take off your bra straight after exercising. Back in the day, women didn't sweat, they 'faintly glowed.' Today's women work out just as hard as the men do and they're not afraid to show how hard they're working. Whether it is in training or a match wash your sports bra as soon as you can. This will help remove some of the sweat and bacteria that can cause the fibres to break down. So invest in your breasts, ensure you have good support when exercising. Go and check yours now and ensure you start the new season with the right equipment for your body. Debbie Hallas Managing Director. Click here for our full range of sports bras... 4490- ACTIVE MULTI SPORTS bubble LIFESTYLE

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