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Have you got the balls to pick? 10% OFF THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

Have your balls deflated? Is the grip so smooth your balls slip through your fingers? Or maybe they’ve finally burst at the seams… Start your season as you mean to go on with brand new netballs. Don’t struggle on dropping the ball or tiring yourself out before you start through constantly pumping up balls that are way past their best. There’s not much equipment to playing a game of netball, the posts are usually already supplied at your venue, bibs last a good while. Just the nature of the makeup of netballs, they don’t last forever. So this is key to you and your team’s performance, don’t let your balls let you down. So which netball should you buy? As the experts in this field, we’d like to offer our help in choosing the best netballs for you. Matchballs:
  1. The Gilbert Synergie X5 is the best matchball on the market and we love it, it is the chosen netball of the top three countries in the world so that tells you something. World Champions Australia, New Zealand and England all use the Synergie X5. Basically if you can afford it – buy it – you won’t find a better netball around!
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  1. The Mitre Pursue matchball burst onto the netball scene in February and hasn’t disappointed. It maintains great shape and air retention and most of all it offers excellent value for money.
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  1. Probably the best value around is the Molten International matchball, you may not get quite the same grip as something like the Synergie but at club level this is a fantastic choice. What we can tell you is that those that do buy it usually come back for more and stick with it! At this price you can’t go wrong. Give it a go…
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  1. Becoming the fastest selling training netball is the Gilbert Bullet it is more expensive than your average training netball, however, you netballers and coaches are learning quickly that cheapest is not always better value. Let’s face it you don’t want to be pumping your netballs up at every training session, and the Bullet netball offers a performance butyl bladder. Not normally found in training netballs, this bladder gives you far better air retention. Plus it can double up as a starter matchball, particularly with youngsters. It’s worth investing in this netball. 
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  1. The Gilbert Pulse Netball will brighten up your training session with many colours available, it shares several of the same attributes as the Bullet but doesn’t have the same quality of bladder. So, for variety of colour and if your budget is really tight we recommend the Gilbert Pulse Netball.
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  1. For years the Mitre Intercept was the leading training netball, but the love for the Gilbert brand has fast overtaken Mitre. The Intercept, however, still offers great value for money. The grip is a little stickier than the Gilbert Pulse but we have found will wear a little quicker. Like the Pulse, the Intercept only has an entry level bladder. If you like traditional and you don’t have much to spend this is the netball for you.
With coupon code ONLY £6.98 To help you we are giving you 10% OFF ALL NETBALLS this weekend only. Simply use coupon code: NETBALL10 in your shopping cart. Coupon code expires 9am Tuesday 6th September.

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