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Have you #MadeTheSwap

Did you know that over 70% of Netballers aren't wearing the correct shoes for the sport? The vast majority play in running shoes or generic ‘trainers’ which don’t provide the necessary grip and support required for the quick, dynamic movements needed in the game. Once again, Netball UK are working with Mizuno and their sequel campaign asking the question “Have you #MadeTheSwap ?” in a continued bid to ensure more netballers get the most from their sport. This time the emphasis was on the DURABILIITY benefits in choosing a netball shoe – not only for grip, traction and reduction in injury but also the cost benefit over time. Mizuno put DURABILITY to the test, to highlight key differences between a netball shoe and a running shoe after 12 weeks of equal wear between twins Caitlyn and Kahli. Netball shoes have been specifically designed for the movements of netball. From a hard wearing X10 rubber outsole suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts, to the Durashield toe cap for protection against toe drag and Airmesh upper for enhanced hold and support. You’ll not only be more comfortable playing in shoes which provide the correct grip and support for netball but also increase performance and last longer compared to playing in running shoes! During a regular 60-minute game of netball, players perform a vast range of dynamic movements, with up to 900 changes of direction. Players spend less than 40% of their time on court moving forward, with most activity including jumps, accelerations and decelerations involving lateral movements. Running shoes are great for running but just can’t hold up to the requirements of playing netball. After 12 weeks testing with twins Caitlyn and Kahli, the running shoe upper has almost ripped through due to toe drag and the outsole is starting to wear through to the midsole materials. The netball shoe on the other hand has held up perfectly maintaining it’s performance benefits throughout the test with minimal wear on both the upper and outsole. With features engineered specifically for netball you’ll find your shoes not only providing you with better support, grip and responsiveness but also lasting you significantly longer than playing in running shoes!

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