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Keep Netballing - with Kerry Almond

It's a difficult time for everyone. We hope you're keeping well and safe. Here at Netball UK, we're still working and fulfiling your orders - and we know many of you want to make sure you can keep netballing (and keep your children occupied now the schools are closed!). We have solutions for you - and if you're not sure what to choose, don't forget you can always contact us by emailing us or calling 0161 626 3936. As a former Superleague player, I've been asked a lot in recent days how you can keep netballing when stuck at home so in the coming weeks, along with the rest of the team here at Netball UK, we'll be sending some of our top tips.

What you need...

You could use a Crazy Catch or a Netball Post - or simply a wall... if you have any of those (and we're sure you have a wall somewhere close by!), you can improve your skills and ball handling while also getting some good netball fitness in.

What to do...

This is a favourite of most coaches and something I’ve done with every coach I’ve worked with.
  • If you can, stick some tape in an X on the wall go ahead, if not, pick a brick.
  • When you’ve got your marked spot or brick you can practice your passing.
  • If it’s a low mark you can do your chest passing. Do 50.
  • But make sure you only count the ones that hit the X.
  • Near misses do not count when you’re going for accuracy.
  • For your shoulder passing move your mark up or pick a different brick, to a height that’s comfortable for this pass.
  • It shouldn’t be too much higher than your chest pass mark though. Again, do 50, but obviously do 50 on each hand.
  • And make sure you’re only counting those ones that hit the spot.
  • For overhead make sure that mark is higher again, high enough so that your overhead pass technique is correct. 50 more of those.
  • If that's too easy, do 100 of each.

For more progression...

Add in some movement, whether that’s starting facing away from the wall and tossing the ball up to turn on to and pass to the wall, or starting further away from the wall so you can run on to the pass when you’ve thrown it. There’s lots of various things you can do with this one, lots of little progressions. You can always use a family member to be a 3ft marker as well to improve your footwork around the mark. Get creative and move those feet.

For fitness...

Do your passes and then do some shuttle runs, skipping, burpees etc. Set yourself a time challenge and really test yourself. Whatever your doing, my message is - have fun, enjoy it and, of course, stay safe. Best wishes Kerry Almond Netball UK's Sales & Purchasing Manager    

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