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Keep Training. Keep Active. Keep Netballing.

If you can't be on court over the next few weeks, there's plenty you can do to keep yourself busy, keep active and keep up your netball. And, we're here to help.
We have a range of posts, balls and training aids that mean even if you can't go out, there's plenty you can do.


Keep up your ball skills simply against the wall at home or even better with a Crazy Catch to improve your passing and reactions.

Netball Posts

Practice shooting at home and you’ll soon be as accurate as Helen Housby & Jo Harten.

Crazy Catch

Ideal for training with at home you can keep your passing and reactions in tip top condition while having fun along the way.

Training Equipment

Use the Gilbert Pass Developer Netball against a wall or with someone at home to improve your passing strength. The Balance Air Cushion is ideal to use with ball work on your own or in pairs. Stand on one leg while passing between you or against a wall to improve your proprioception which in turn can help avoid injury.

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