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My Lockdown Life - by Rachel Moss

Hey everyone. So, today is day whatever of Lockdown! How's it going for you? For me, the past week has been particularly hard as I continue to have two girls at home - one age 7 and another age 4. With home schooling and keeping my kids entertained, I am trying not to lose my mind. I'm sure you many of you are the same. From trying to juggle being a teacher to trying to create some exciting for dinner times, I am trying to encourage myself and my girls to stay active and to stay netball fit during lockdown. As a family, my girls have really enjoyed Joe Wicks PE classes each morning which helps start the day. Florence, my 7-year-old, started playing netball last year for Oldham Future Stars, which she loves. Despite the fact that's all on hold for now, I am trying to keep her still engaged with a netball post and size 4 netball. We have been trying to create some shooting and passing games to make as fun as possible.
As for me, I have really missed netball as I haven’t played for over 10 months which is killing me as I normally play two to three matches a week. I am trying to set myself goals to keep myself active and not pile on the pounds - which is tricky with the kitchen so close and the stress levels so high! My friend and I are trying to do a 5k run five days a week in the evening to help clear our minds - and it really works to help me have a better night’s sleep. I also set myself a small challenge each day:
  • 1-minute Plank per day
  • 1-minute Skipping
  • Trying to use some free weights – I am using 10kg Kettle Bell
It's hard work, but I know it's important to keep working on my fitness. On another note, it was amazing to see some great live netball back over the past week with the Roses v All Stars Legends Series on Sky Sports and YouTube. I know it was a huge effort to get the games on from everyone - players, coaches and the support teams - and I hope they realise how much us netballers appreciated being able to watch the sport we love. We're also, of course, counting down to the start of the new Vitality Netball Superleague season next month which I can't wait for - and I know many of you can't either. Take care, stay safe and we will be back on court together soon. Rachel Moss Head of Teamwear

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