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Netball Posts - a buyer's guide just in time for Christmas!

Christmas is coming - FAST! Have you run out of ideas of what to buy? Or even what to put on your own Christmas list for Santa? A netball post is an ideal present for netballers young and not so young (for the more competitive adults). A great idea and something to share with all the family. I am sure all the dads and brothers will be out to prove they are better than us girls! There is now quite a choice on netball posts available on line – but be careful – they are not all what they seem! Believe me there are still many shoddy efforts out there. Here are some tips to help you while you are looking:
  • TIP 1: Beware of rickety netball posts that lean to one side! The image should give it away, but if the poles are too thin and don’t slot far enough in your post will be more like the leaning Tower of Pisa!
  • TIP 2: Is the netball post the correct height? We’ve checked all the posts in this review and they are all correct. We have come across some that either aren’t high enough or are too high (believe it or not). For junior school age you will need a post that can be set to nine feet (2.74m). For ages 12 and above, the full regulation height is 10 feet (3.05m).
  • TIP 3: Be careful of a ring that is flat – you will never use one like this in a netball game. Plus, the ring is likely to swing around when the netball hits it. Ensure there is a good fixing between the ring and pole.


  • TIP 4: What will the instructions come like? Will they be in English? All posts we sell come with easy to assemble instructions (be sure to read them too, make your life easier).
instructions At Netball UK, we have done the research for you, we try and test all our netball posts AND give you our honest opinion on the ones we have chosen to sell. Here is what’s on offer on netball posts for home:
The Lifetime Netball System is a high quality, well manufactured post with some excellent features, including five height settings. Most of you probably won’t use them all, but it is an advantage if you have younger kids as the height can go up very gradually as their strength and ability increases. It is easy to move around with good sized wheels. The engineering is high quality and the post doesn't wobble as it can with alternative inferior products. It finishes off with a sturdy ring with hooks for the net so there is no messing about trying to tie knots and tape it on. Lifetime, an American brand established in 1986, is well known for its high-quality sports products, and the Lifetime Netball System definitely doesn't disappoint. At this price point, there is no question this is the post to choose. Plus, it’s our top-selling post! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 10/10 Click here to view...
The NET1 Netball system is also a well manufactured netball post and very similar to the Lifetime Netball System. It has many of the same features, five height settings, a base with wheels to easily move around, a sturdy ring with hooks. The pole comes in robust sections which avoids any bend giving you a constantly accurate height, plus you get pole padding which is not absolutely necessary for practising outside, but just in case a competitive dad or brother decides to get involved the safety aspect is there! The instructions are easy to follow and there is even a You Tube video at ‘NetballUKTV’ to help you. The NET 1 is available in two colours with 10% of NET1 profits going to the Pink Ribbon Foundation on all sales of the pink unit. All in all a great netball post but with the post padding it makes it more expensive than the Lifetime. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 9/10 Click here to view...
All round this is a decent offering from Gilbert, a good solid base with wheels, three height adjustments for the ring. It also features the hooks for the net, again making it easy to attach. One advantage of the Gilbert Netball Post is that you can easily disassemble it, so if you want to move it by car, take on holiday or even take to a tournament for practice you can do this easily. It doesn’t have quite have the build quality of the NET1 and as many height adjustments, but you won’t be disappointed, plus if you need a more transportable option this is the one for you. Recommended: 8/10 Click here to view...
The Sure Shot Junior Netball Unit was one of the first of the better netball units on the market and has been a great seller over the years. It has a sturdy frame and a similar ring to the netball posts above with the easy thread hooks. However, it has been overtaken by the new, better quality offerings. The one feature this post has that others don’t is that the height adjustment goes down to as little as four feet, so if you have real youngsters this is helpful to get them started. Recommended: 7/10 Click here to view the black post... Click here to view the pink post...
We found the Gilbert Academy Netball Post to be the best out of the ‘garden’ netball posts. It isn’t as stable as the posts above but if this is your price point this is the post to go for. There are many versions out there including some with a flat ring which often spins around when the netball hits it. You will never (or should never) be playing a game with a flat ring so I would avoid those. It is the most stable out of its competitors and comes with the best ring option. Mark: 5/10 Click here to view... CLICK HERE FOR OUR RANGE OF POSTS...          

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