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Will the kids drive you mad this half term? Want help?

Will the kids drive you mad this half term? We can help you, and save you £££'s in the process! Half term is fast approaching, so have you got anything planned when the kids wake up on Monday morning? No doubt they will be attached to their devices or playing on computer games, which can become an easy life for parents. I have a 15-year-old who is addicted to his Xbox, while interactively playing on games with his friends, he’s also multi-tasking on Facetime to someone else, listening to You Tube on his laptop AND snap chatting! Basically being a lazy teenager and not very active. Sound familiar? It is encouraged by the NHS that children should be active for one hour a day to avoid becoming overweight or obese. Could you say your child is active for an hour a day? To encourage them they need something fun that motivates them into becoming active. Why not invest in a netball post? It is fun for all the family, even dads and brothers are up for a challenge as they always try to prove that they are better than us girls. Most females play or have played netball and a lot of competitive men out there will be dying to show us how much better they are – as it is just like basketball after all – isn’t it! Well to put to bed a few myths the netball ring is smaller than a basketball ring at 15” diameter as opposed to 18” for the latter. Plus, in netball we don’t have the advantage of a backboard. So gentlemen, the challenge is on! Over the last few years, the range of netball posts available for home use has grown massively as has the quality. Gone are the days where the pole was rickety, leaning to one side and the ring swings around when the netball hits it. Now you can get a netball post that easily wheels around so you can not only use in the garden, but on your drive or even on the street, if it’s not a busy road of course. The Lifetime Netball System is made by the world renowned US manufacturer and until the 26th of October you can get £20 OFF using coupon code BLOG20. Click here to view now. Fun Shooting Game: Killer Minimum players: 3 Maximum players: as many as you want Netballs needed: 2
  1. Mark out a shooting point, about three strides away from the post. You can use anything from chalk to a water bottle or even a stone.
  2. The first two players each have a netball, the first is allowed the first shot, as soon as they have taken their turn the second person can go.
  3. Once you have got the ball in the net you go to the back of the line.
  4. Your first shot must be taken from the start line, any shot after that can be taken from anywhere.
  5. However, if someone that started their turn after you gets the ball in – you’re out!
Give it a go…it could be your half term hero! We have a fantastic offer on this half term. Simply use coupon code BLOG20 to get a massive £20 OFF the Lifetime Netball System. This is our highest recommended netball post for home, BUY NOW… Lifetime Netball Systemlifetime-height-settings

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