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SPORTTAPE Zinc Oxide White Tape

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SKU: SPORTTAPE Zinc Oxide White Tape

SPORTTAPE Zinc Oxide White Tape

The Sporttape Zinc Oxide White Tape is perfect for netball. It has extra sticky glue, superior strength and is tearable by hand. It's easy to unwind and breathable.

It's game time. You need support and protection from a tape you can trust. Strap up with Sporttape ZINC OXIDE TAPE, we guarantee it wont let you down. An elite performer, it is incredibly strong and extremely sticky.

What is Zinc Oxide Tape?

The protector of joints and a saviour from sprains. If you've played sport long enough, the chances are you've been "strapped-up" with ZINC OXIDE tape.

A tool of the trade for rugby players, netballers, BJJ wrestlers and rock climbers alike, ZINC OXIDE tapes provide the highest level of support and protection.

Is perfect for light support and protection. Made from cotton it gets the job done on a budget.

Choose White

If you want to tape non-weight bearing joints such as fingers, wrists, thumbs and elbows. It's really popular with netballers, climbers, Crossfit athletes, boxers and BJJ wrestlers.


Extra sticky glue

Superior strength

Hand tearable

Easy unwind