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Sports Injuries and Supports
Netball injuries are an unfortunate part of the game, so whether you are injured, on the road to recovery or being sensible and wanting to prevent injury while playing netball we have everything you need.

Ankle braces are commonly seen in netball as it is a great way to prevent the most common injury in netball - a sprained or broken ankle. Our most popular is the Ultimate Performance Ankle Brace which comes at a very affordable price.

Not everyone likes an ankle brace and a lot of netballers now strap their ankles. The Sportape strapping tape is the most popular and it comes well recommended as used by various national teams and Netball Super League teams.

The fastest growing injury support is kinesiology tape which can help support all manner of netball niggles or injuries. Plus, it is available in a wide range of funky colours which you can match to your netball kit.

It is a necessity now to have a first aid kit courtside in case of injury and you can choose from an easy grab bag size through to a fully kitted out physio bag. We have plenty of top options too from instant ice packs to strapping tape.

You've everything you need to keep you safe while playing netball, or help if you are injured.